bid adieu Freddie…..

This man probably had the broadest shoulders in the cricketing world, and the expectations over them were incredible & in accountable every time he crossed the boundary ropes. His sheer presence in the ground raised the spirits of the whole team. If there’s a man whose stature & credibility stands far above his achievements & statistics, it is Andrew Flintoff. A hard smasher of the cricket bowl and a hostile hit-the-deck-hard bowler, Andrew Flintoff surely has been the greatest all-rounder I have watched in this game of cricket, and beyond all doubts, one of my favorite players. Watching the 2005 & 2009 Ashes series, where he steamed up to the bowling crease over and again with the whole crowd cheering behind him, chanting one & only name…“Flintofff,Flintofffff”, was much more exciting than even many T-20 matches. He might have been suffering from pain, so intense that he barely made it back to the bowling mark, limping, but then no pain in this world stopped him f…

Happy Engineer’s Day! A Tribute.

Happy Engineer’s day to you mate~!I know you are quite confused as like, ‘there is a day for the engineers too?’ Yeah dude, there is one and it is today. The 15th of September is regarded as the Engineers Day in India, as a tribute to one of the first and finest engineers India has produced, Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. Today is his 150th b’day and let us, with all the pride, wish our fellow engineers a Happy Engineers day.When i accidently came across this piece of knowledge, that of today being the Engineer’s Day, i knew nothing about him except his name, courtesy the Visvesvaraya Science & Technology Museum, Bangalore. Google and wikipedia helped me expand my knowledge of this great man and here are a few lines about him, a tribute.Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya was born on 15th of Sept 1860, 150 years prior to today, at Muddenahalli village in the present day Karnataka. He earned his B.A. from the Madras University in 1881 and later completed civil engineering from College of…

…Reporting live from the Stadium…

Few days back, I made it  to the first ever International football match of my life, in a stadium. China was taking on Paraguay in an International friendly at Nanjing Olympic Center. A visual treat even though the match neither created the kind of excitement an Argentina-Brazil match would create, nor were there the players like Lionel Messi & Kaka to create an Awe-moment. …About the Stadium… (The pics are both that of NOC – Nanjing Olympic Center)It was the greenest of the turfs shining under a well-lit flood light, a sight in itself which beholds your breath. Now how about being surrounded by a sea, or rather an ocean of seats, red & blue in color, some 65,000 of them. The giant screen at the far ends of the pitch, up above the goal posts kept on flashing advertisements & right at the center of the pitch, 8 people stood with a big banner, above their heads, that of the main sponsor’s, the KIA Motors. The KIA motors had also arranged something like a motor exhibition ou…

Lend your Voice for the Nature.

Introduction to Environment Engineering is one of my subjects for this semester and at the end of the first lecture, the teacher asked all of us to write an essay, citing those things that we can do in our day-to-day life, to protect the environment, which in turn enhances the chances of some pleasant living conditions for the future generations. So I thought, how about publishing the same essay here and enlighten those who read this blog, about those little things they can do, to preserve our Mother Earth.As per Wikipedia, the earliest forms of human beings took shape from Apes about 200,000 years ago and for the last 200,000 years human beings have been exploiting our earth in one way or the other. It all started with human hunting down other animals for their food and cutting down forests for shelter and other uses. As the race progressed, we became ambitious, striving for a better life, a better tomorrow and this ambition alone has been responsible for the comfy chair you sit in n…

My Camera Speaks!!

Its not very often that you stand face-to-face with something that takes away your breath in an instant. This photo-album contains photograph’s taken by me, on a trip to Mysore & Ooty, two exotic tourist locations in South India.
I believe that these pictures shall speak for me, and that this will serve as a better travelogue than any written compositions.

Click on the photos to view it in full size.
Flora & Fauna, Mysore Zoo & Goa – Rose Garden

Sacred & Historic Monuments in Mysore

I Pledge to the Nation, You?

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Two weeks to the 64th Independence Day, take a quick look at where you are. Not personally, look where India as a nation has reached. Remember those leaders whose struggles won India our independence like Gandhiji. Would they have been happy seeing this India through your eyes? An India of Naxalism, an India of Political mishaps, an India were the problems like Poverty and Illiteracy haven’t been answered fully yet, an India you live in now.
Another Independence Day is looming on us; the 15th of this month will be the 64th of its kind, marking the independence of the nation from all foreign states, troops, lords and rules. Back then a colonial state or rather a colony which had internal kingdoms fighting out the British for their individual glories, a handful of selfless national leaders rose above others and as struggles continued and as lives were taken, on the 15th of August 1947, t…

A Philosophy called LIFE!!

A crying baby, more like a doll comes out from a mothers womb, days and months pass by, you start crawling, standing, walking, talking, playing, you go to schools and colleges and then do a work, you get married, have kids and go to office day after day at the same time and return at the same time, you get money, you lose sweat, you make friends, you turn your back at some, you watch your kids grow, you parents grow, your friends come, go and many change, your hair changes colors, your skin loses freshness, your eye sight deteriorates, you become slow and shallow and you lose your parents, friends, mates , the faces that smiled and cried with you, the mouths that ate and talked with you, the eyes that saw you and the ears that listened to you, the legs that walked with you and the palms that you shook once, all perishes into the soil, into the mother earth, and the ones left back cry and weep, remembering them, the days, the time and tide they shared together. A Journey which started …