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My Camera Speaks IV : Another Episode on Shanghai!!

I find it almost irresistible to avoid another photo-blog on my recent trip to Shanghai. This time i will be covering those pictures during the train journey & the later roam in and around the Huangpu River, the water front and the Shanghai Skyline!…Entering the D-Train. The bullet train service from Nanjing to Shanghai……The outer view from inside the super-fast train……Another view inside……When the engines became the most vigorous… …Various photos from the famous Nanjing Street in Shanghai. I swear, this was the 1st time in China, when i saw more foreigners than Chinese people……These buildings looked more European, than Chinese to me!……The Shanghai skyline from across the Huangpu River. One of the most AWESOME sights of my life. The camera failed to capture it cleanly though……The thing standing tall behind me is one of the epic buildings of Shanghai. The Oriental Pearl Towers. Now the 3rd tallest building in Shanghai……The arch shape reminded me of Marine Drive, Mumbai. Again, not …