Thursday, December 15, 2011


Abandoned! A bundle, a bag, an axe, two beedi’s and two human souls.
When I clicked the above picture, little did I know that I would speak to those two, a few seconds later. They conveyed the following story, in part hindi and part gujarati.
“They had cooked Roti for the man in the Rickshaw for years & now the man had abandoned these two in the highway claiming that they had stolen some money. They showed me a Rs.100 note, which he said the man in the rikshaw had given them for their survival. On my question of what the bundle in the lady’s shoulder contained, I was told, the bundle contained all that they possessed. The man turned philosophical when he said, “We come here empty handed, so do we leave”.”
Possessions of a lifetime in a bundle. Can you imagine yourself being in a similar state? Pray! You are Fortunate.
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  1. Nicely scripted Naveen.....You walk with your eyes and heart open.....

  2. Nicely scripted Naveen.....Good that you walk with your eyes and heart open......

  3. great the rustic charm


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