My Camera Speaks – Beijing Unplugged!!

Beijing; the capital of the 2nd most powerful nation in the world, and the 6 amazing days I spent there will not be forgotten any time soon.

This is a blog which explains the story of my 7 day trip to Beijing in 7 simple photographs. Photographs of the seven epic monuments & structures that defines Beijing. The Great Wall of China; the National Stadium which hosted 2008 Olympic games, a.k.a the Bird’s Nest; Tiananmen Square; the Summer Palace; the Forbidden City; the Temple of Heaven & the Monument of People’s Heroes at Tiananmen.

… the Badaling section of the Great Wall of China…


… National Stadium Beijing, a.k.a the Birds Nest…


… Tiananmen…


… Summer Palace…


… Forbidden City…


… Temple of Heaven…


… Monument of the People’s Heroes at Tiananmen…


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  1. Totally Navneened!! Beautiful snaps mate.. seems like you got this photography sting really going guns... keep it up!!

    check out my 200th post on my blog! :P

  2. @Hemal Shah - Dude..200 posts?? That's like eternity! Congrats!! n thanks :p

    @Magiceye - thanks deepak :)

  3. Love the forbidden city dude :)


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