~CoLoUrS~ A Photo-Exhibition.

… Colours when portrayed in the right proportions has a magical effect in soothing your eyes…

… here is an exhibition of random snaps clicked by a friend of mine, Shiva Krishnan. This is only a tip of the ice; catch the complete collection in his facebook album “CoLoUrS... My PhOtogRApHiCaL JoUrNeY”. Leave a comment to describe how you liked the pictures. Add on this guy in facebook for more of his photographs later on

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  1. I really liked them.. Your friend's got something in him...

  2. Great work. He should start a photoblog and maybe you can refer a URL here :) Will be a great advertisement.

    Check out my blog if you have the time :)


  3. Liked Bridge pic the most- where was it taken?


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