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“What Men Wants” is a blogging contest conducted in & by Blogadda.com. What attracted me to this topic was that a search on this topic in Google returned 34 million less results compared to “What Women Wants” and so I am here trying to eliminate the deficit (Ha-ha!), and on course trying to find out a diplomatic solution to “What MEN want”!

Similar posts on the wants of Men & Women are of abundance in the blogosphere and one obvious thing are the lists, specifying points as in men liked to do this and not this, men wanted this and not this, men meant this and not this. C’mon, how it is that one can describe the nature of more than 3 billion people through a list of likes & dislikes.

Then the genuine question is what is it that I can present, which differs from others, and still gives at least a hazy idea of what men really wanted. I can only write on what I want, and that may or may not be a real reflection or the real answer to the question. Suddenly the filaments of the so called bulb in my brain sparked and resulted in it shining at over a 1000 Watts!


Wow! That ain’t a bad idea. I mean, I can go on and ask this question as in a survey to people around me, Men of course, and see what they have to say. It also makes better sense considering it will be Men’s choices and not ‘a’ Man’s.

So this is what I heard from my friends.

The first one says. “Women...Money…Enjoyment!! …a big life…with lots of dreams…money…more money…lots of people…partying…want to share moments with family…and yeah, of course…you know it!! (The S-word)” So, I asked him, on the kind of girl he dreamt… “A pretty one, traditional, loyal, friendly, patient…and with a long hair…” And he had a giggle saying the long hair.

The second one went on like this… “I want to hit to gym for ever, a fit body always! Then, a beautiful girl, with a pretty pair of legs” On things other than girls, he said “I want to be able to sleep as much, have a nice job, high salary, less working hours, enjoyable life, a Lamborghini, enough n more time to enjoy, and a beautiful wife”. He adds he wants to have multiple dates with hot ladies in town, the dream girl of everyone. Well, I can say he might travel to the moon, but not his last wish.

Another guy was a bit different. He said he wanted to travel a lot, before adding onto the lady-part. He said “I want to travel around a lot…” and later added… “I want 2 kids, the elder one girl and the younger one a boy. A home beside the sea, a small one though. A wife who’s elder, say 5-15 years older than him.” He got some conditions too “She shouldn’t smoke and drink. Well…drink, occasionally okay, but not at home.” According to him an elder girl takes better care of you, much like a baby. Not a bad one.

So what is to be understood from what we’ve heard now? From the opinions and voices of Men from different nations, who have different sets of minds? Everyone wants a girl, a lovely relationship. They dream high and aspire for a grand house and fat-fat pay cheques. They want fun in their lives and wish to share them with families. They want racy cars and want to see the world.

So the question that crosses my mind now is, are all these the wants of just men? If a lovely relationship is the want of men, what is it that women want? If money and grand houses are what men’s wishes, do women dream of being broke & homeless? Ain’t having a family and living the life out with them as much a women’s wish as it is for men? So what is the big fuss of what women want and what men want? As I believe it, it’s not the gender that defines wishes, but personality and character. A person with a very serious outlook about life may have a set of things that he wanted in life, irrespective of him being an M/F. Another set of people who always sees the funny side in a life might want different things in their life; and here too, I don’t see the gender/sex defining a line that differentiates the wants or the aspirations of both.

Personally I feel the question very stupid and the truth is that many of the blogs which points out things that men like, women like and what we don’t like are only good to have laugh about. They are only good to you if you are a film director and you want an easy method to describe your characters, the female lead in a ‘Girly way’ and the hero as a ‘Macho Man’, for in real life, follow your instincts or you are paving your own path to troubled days.

The funniest thing about the question is, when I asked my friends “What do you want, as a Man”, they all jumped back on to me, shouting “Women & *** !!!”, as if answering a Rapid-Fire round for a gift hamper.

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  1. That was an insightful look at the topic. You are right. Likes and dislikes are not gender specific but character specific. Nice read.

  2. You wrote on this topic.. "FINALLY" ... :P.. n a good one. Loved it. And the sort of survey you did for "what men want.. ".
    I sincerely hope that they weren't drunk during the whole rapid fire round. :P ..
    But yeah, finally a direct men's perspective and not women speculating what men want. :)
    But on a serious note. All want long hair. *rolls eyes* .. and the guy who wants to go for older women.. that's new.
    So The Gen Y men ... think. :D Nice.

  3. Thanks zephyr n Rashmi!

    n yeah, i asked them these questions during that beautiful lecture at 8 o'clock :P so the *Drunken* factor is out of question :P

    N...so the Gen X is over n now we r Gen Y huh? :O

  4. Kudos to the different approach.. I feel the same way.. the question is kinda stupid if we think about it deep and be rational.

    But Its just fun to stereotype women and men and exaggerate it.. :)

  5. It is very easy to stereotype people into brackets...but very difficult to think of people with out generalizing.
    In fact generalizing is dangerous as it gives you wrong ideas of an individuals needs and desires.
    A lovely outlook and a wonderful way of analyzing a topic...An open mind! LOL

  6. very rightly said that every individual has his or her own choices ,likes and dislike and categorizing it based on gender would be folly.Very nicely penned down and best of luck for the contest.

  7. Such a nice and useful post, thank you for it! I want to share with my lady friends this great tips and secrets about what men want women to know that helped me a lot with guys and relationships, I recommend it to all girls who want to find a great guy and have a healthy relationship.

  8. nice one on "men and women"
    thanks for dropping by. you can alway revisit places.

  9. aarad machu ithokke paranja aa friends?..... ivde ullavanmar aano?

  10. athe athe...oru classil irunna ezhuthiye...apo athil keriyirunna 3 perodu chodichu...hari,vasu sruthish...


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