India : The Soft Power (Video)

TED – Ideas worth spreading is a website which i had noticed something like an year ago for some of its innovative ideas. A boring evening took me back to the website and here I am sharing a video I watched over there. Shashi Tharoor speaks of India. I was impressed beyond words and I was not or surprised to see the kind of applause he got at the end of his 17 minute talk. This is a video you wouldn’t want to miss out.



  1. Interesting talk... have watched TED couple of times earlier as well!
    So how goes the exams?

  2. The exam went on well! The next ones are a week away!

    Thanks 4 commenting Aashish. And yeah, i've been enjoying TED videos as well, lately!

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  4. Truly inspiring!!!
    Thanks for sharing.


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