Oh God!! But where are you??


Existence of God has been one of the most controversial and debated topics across all over the globe & since the very start of our species. There has been many supporting the fact, that of the presence of god & many opposing it. Here is my take on Existence of God or how I feel about the Ultimate Power.

There has been no practical research work behind any of the things that I speak in this article and everything comes from my thoughts. You might or might not agree to what I have to say, so this one is intended to add another dimension into you already existing idea about God!

2 months ago I was reading this book, “The Goose is out”, an OSHO publication. Since then I have been trying to relate what god is, and how people describe many things as god. Since the existence of intelligent human beings, there has been gods. They found this new belief and found their gods on idols, in the sun, the moon, the earth, the rain, the clouds, the trees, the cow, the stone and the wind. The and at the end of the last sentence doesn’t mean it’s the end of the list, it’s just the beginning and human beings found a god in everything from the mighty sun to a mere stone.

Now think why would they have considered the sun as a god? And why, the wind as a god?

Who according to you now is god? How often would you have said “God Knows” to a question your pal asks you?! Why would you have answered in such a way? Because you may not have an answer to that question, right?!

Similarly, the earlier generations, the medieval people were left open mouthed at the question of who gave them this light and energy from every dawn to dusk. They found that a big ball rose into the sky every day at a particular time, travelled over their heads and disappeared later, taking away with it all the light & brightness. They, for then weren’t able to explain the physics or the chemistry behind the particular happening and for simplicity called the big ball the Sun God and prayed to him. Similar should have been the case with his worship for the trees, the rain, the wind, and the animals and so on.

I am sure every one of us believes that there is some extreme power which controls things, which controls the balance of the matter & the anti-matter, which controlled the birth of this earth, the solar system and the galaxies and the universe, one that controls everything. But the only thing is that we don’t know what is it that is controlling everything and we call it as god. Or we rather name this unknown, unexplained power or principle which controls everything as God! So is it really god or is it just a name, we had given to an unknown principle, the unknown quantity or the unknown powers, just like how the ancient people worshipped sun as god.

You, for once might be worshipping the same sun as a god, but not without knowing that the light and the energy you receive from sun is as a result of those nuclear fissions and fusions that take place at the central core of the star, and not because of someone godly powered, who rises his hands and a ray of light originates from it. So what I tried to mention here is that Sun is just a natural phenomenon, and not a godly one!

You are able to fly in the air, travel to outer spaces and even live there, those things which the earlier generations wouldn’t have thought possible to the human race ever. So by any chance, if they knew this, they might be calling us gods too, because they wouldn’t understand the logics behind the Space shuttles & the airplanes.

So my point still is that, we do attribute many of the present day happenings to be god’s play, not because it was really done by god, but more because we haven’t been really able to explain how it happened, or plainly we haven’t been able to crack down the logic behind it!

So as we move forward, as the human generation advances, we surely will find explanations to more of these unknown questions, which we now wrongly attribute as mere god’s plays!

So, What or who is God?

But i was not really contradicting the presence of god, or even I do believe in god or the extreme or ultimate power! I do go to the temples & I do pray to the god! And I have seen that ultimate power too, ask me where and I shall say through my eyes & in a mirror.

Yes, you read it rightly, and I do believe you yourselves are the gods, me myself is the god. If ever there was to be a god, then it is everyone of us!

We are gods because we have been doing things, once thought to be impossible and un-do-able. It was us, the human race itself who found the answers to all the questions we raised. The so called gods we pray now a days were actually one among us too. Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, were all just human beings who understood the meanings of their lives, and in a spiritual man’s words, they were the ones who got enlightenment. I wouldn’t want to take this post much into those streams because; I am equally un-enlightened as many of you and equally un-aware of all these terms as much as you.

So how do you reach to the god in you?

By above thought, that the god resides in yourselves, I am not asking you to quit going to temples or any holy places for that matter. Think what do you do when in a temple? You clean yourselves before entering the temple, you remove your slippers, yours shirts and you keep your bags at counters, but then these are all materialistic behaviors.

What do you really do once in a temple? You pray to the god, you tell him your wishes and your dreams and asks him take care of you and make you pass your class test, interview or that your daughter gets admission in a medical college, and blah blah blah...

Think what really happens here. Aren’t we actually reminding ourselves of the things we have to do, so that you get a bit more charged up to do it? Aren’t we reminding ourselves by praying to the god that, you need to study, since have an exam to do or you have to prepare, since you have an interview to attend or you have to drive carefully to be safely home? So by praying, aren’t you  actually reminding yourselves the things you need to do?

So the next time you travel alone in a bus or roam around by a silent paddy field, think about how your view of god should be? That of a global savior who has an answer to all your questions, one who cannot be seen, cannot be touched and heard. Or have you really understood that image you see in the mirror?

God is nothing but a creation of the people, but then it is sad seeing people being discriminated for the religion they follow, more so at the thought that none of us are following a religion by our choice! Religions do carry with it cultures and traditions, but are peoples happiness and peace secondary to any of these cultures and traditions? So stop discriminating people in the name of god, stop terrorist activities in the name of god, stop all such non-senses happening in the name of god, because they are nothing but mere Satanism.


  1. Enlightening post Naveen. I agree with your last paragraphs that Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, and Lord Rama were great human being not God. They found their real cause to come in the world and done good things.
    God is everywhere in US, in you and in everything we just understand that spending lots of money for temples and other things we must spend it for good causes like helping poor people etc.

  2. What i like about your posts is that you just not write them but you put in a thought into it as well.
    Even i think about it if there is any Central Power that is governing us.
    I don't know whether God is there or not but i just assume that there is someone who is looking after us and by that it feels good to me.

  3. Amazing post! You have actually touched the very nerve of the mad scientists who are looking for an answer -- 'Does God exist?'

  4. I now get a couple of things i could have added...reading Suraj's comments.
    Thanks for commenting Suraj..Abhi..Vanathi & Deepak! :)

    Some of the small points in the comments were enlightening!

  5. GOD..... no comments yaar... but ur writing style is good

  6. agreed !!!!

    god is within us....we fail to see him and search for him in temples, mosques and churches....

    nicely woven article..

  7. Thanks Mag n Niki! glad i was able to convey my message through this! :)

  8. That was an AWESOME post Naveen..
    well written..I liked the way you concluded it..
    Keep writing!!

  9. Great post Naveen. The divine spirit is everywhere, call it Prana, Chi, or Holy Ghost.

    That spirit particularly manifests in the Sun. For the record, we understand less about the physics and chemistry of the Sun than we do about our own body. Yet we regard ourselves as conscious beings and dismiss our source of life energy as an accidental dumb ball of gas.

    If the Sun is a conscious being, then it would be one with divine status - something intuitively believed by every culture in the world until they started burning people for thinking that way.

    And I do confess to having convincingly explored this subject in my book, Sun of gOd.

  10. Thanks Gregory, Bhavia & Thampy. Bhavia & Gregory...welcome to my blog and go through others as well :)

    Great enlightening comment Gregory. Thanks for dropping by my blog and i hope you will keep coming back! :)

    I hope to read your book "Sun of God" some time soon :)

  11. Proud of u maaannnn!!!!u wont believe but this is exactly wat i want to say all who blame/pray god for all their unhappiness or happiness even..i been saying this at times bt nobody ever gave a shit!! i wish i cud have wrote this but never it wud have come to this finished way like u made ur point pretty clear.. also this point, "So my point still is that, we do attribute many of the present day happenings to be god’s play, not because it was really done by god, but more because we haven’t been really able to explain how it happened, or plainly we haven’t been able to crack down the logic behind it!", i dont think there is still things to crack down as own human gods like Richard Branson are working on space tourism.. Hey thisis just an example but this is reality.. i think GOD is a human who really works out things to reality wat he/she dreams of!! ...tbc.. even more and MORE to say!!

  12. Very positive look out at the existence of god...
    God is there and he might also have read this one and must have applauded for this one..
    Good work

  13. Good Post Naveen.
    Simple but meaningful.
    What matters is how you see and understand bcoz ultimately it is you who are going to shape your life.

  14. I can understand every person has undergone this stage to know the truth. Does GOD exist or not?

    The question may be simple but it is so complex when you start to find the solution for this. It shatters all your understanding.

    The only way to know the truth is to realize and experience. Just knowing and belief or concept will not solve the problem.

    Can you learn to swim before getting into water?

    It is not practically possible to learn to swim until you get into water. Similar it is impossible to realize GOD until you know who you are?

    Your very existence is linked to the question.. Does GOD exists?

    If you find out who you are you will automatically realize the truth.

    Meditation is the first step in realization of Self and realization of GOD. Try it see for yourself then you will come to know HIS existence.


  15. Hey gandharv, thanks for commenting buddy!

    Your comments are very very true. This is what i understood too, and may be a bit of that self realization could have made me write this post, this way too! But, i have heard meditation is not the only way to self realization. I've read it in a book. I don't know, but I've heard clear thinking n calm mind also leads you to! I feel the same many a times too. But then thats what you call meditation i think! So what i mean is mediation ain't just closing your eyes n sitting in some position, but its how you maintain your mind

    Thanks for sharing the links & shall surely go through them!

    Thanks for commenting again buddy! It was a nice one!

  16. I shall try to reply for the below question but it is left to you to explore it. I hope it may be of some help to you....

    Why meditation is the only way for Self realization?

    Mediation is a journey where you go deep inside you and finally at last you connect to your soul.After connecting to your soul on further intense concentration you will be able to connect to GOD.

    It is a process of transformation from the present state of consciousness to super conscious state( Buddha conscious or Christ conscious etc)

    To connect to your Self the very condition is cessation of mind.( No mind state or thoughtless state)
    then the witness that is you the "seer" is established in itself.

  17. Awesome explanation again Gandharv, but it will take a bit of time for me to grasp it fully!

  18. Hi Naveen great work...

    I want to give a little on this topic..this is not my view...
    It is a quote from Bhagavat Gita which is highly sensible to remember now..

    As far as the search for God is concerned i feel that this must be the Destination point for all Knowledge Seekers...

    In 2nd Chapter of Gita namely SAMKHYA(Knowledge)YOGA Lord Krishna tells to perplexd Arjuna is the situation.

    According to Lord ,the search for everyone is not outside...but it is directed to within us..He beautifully explains as to what is the matter we should search for ..

    For describing that "MATTER" Krishna uses the Expression "HE" in Gita.,

    Nw who s this "HE"..
    This HE is the "ATMAN"(sanskrit term for the spirit or whatever we call it as..

    He tells that this atman is superior to everything nd which is indestructibly..This is the GOD..This ATMAN is the matter which all of us shud search for...

    He tells that..Human senses are gud...Bt this senses wil distract us. So use UR MIND ( superior to Sense) to control ur senses..
    Now Mind wil start wandering here nd there..
    so wat to do?
    He tells use ur INTELLIGENCE to control ur mind.
    Now to our surprise intelligence is not the ultimate thing...
    Intelligence will only work for such person who understands his ATMAN..this is the definition for ATMAN..Something which is superior to human INTELLIGENCE...
    For people who do meditation may realise this high end concept a little more..

    So he emphasises that if at all u r searching GOD its DIRECTION must be not to outside bt WITHIN US...

    Great work NAVEEN ..KEEP WRITING..

  19. God sounds like a Mr X who can fit in to explain things that are unexplained! That probably fits in as an explanation for the most ancient forms of worship.
    In the process of giving multiple explanations, you have inadvertantly touched upon another aspect of the Divine - His multiple forms. That everything is a manifestation of the Divine.
    At some point you have also replaced the word God with Nature. You said that the sun shines because of nuclear reactions. The pre-historic man knew nothing about it. We know nothing about the nuclear reaction.
    We study sub-atomic particles in an attempt to try and understand it, but in the end reach a stage of confusion as stated by Heisenberg's Uncertainity Principle. Or, on other occassions, scientists find the matter disappearing and giving way to energy alone.

  20. I agree to the point ... God is just a belief .. Neither true nor present ... Just they imagined something and brought up all the ideas ...
    I don't believe in god ... Believing ourself is more than enough ... And in the name if god .. What some crap do is just stupid ...

  21. Please think before you act.....Is that not what you can still here your parents telling you in your head every day, and when you have children you catch yourself saying.It is very simple, we all fall short.If so your thoughts are questions and answers that will not make sense until you remember when you proved you were right only later finding yourself apologizing.We are still learning from our parents.

  22. tonight a star shall fall.....and your life will change. A Loved one will get sick and will show you the way. try not to pray,hart is in pain and thoughts make no sense. On the first day of your death you will be born again.

  23. Nicely put.. Good job!!

    Even i think that one dosen't need to be a believer in GOD in order to see how things have played out in the past thousands of trillions of years since the BIG BANG till date. Scientists themselves claim that life on earth would not have been sustainable if everything was not the way it is now, including the temperature, distance from the sun, moon, meteor's that hit earth in the past, etc. Its not just a mere coincidence.

    There ofcourse is some supreme power working dormantly behind all this. We might call it GOD, energy, scientific laws & principles, karma or something else.

    We as humans have been given the freedom of choice of doing what we want to, unlike robots who have to be programmed to do something, they don't do anything beyond that. We have also been given an understanding of what is right and what wrong (Ofcourse killing my mom would be wrong - I dont need to be thought this). If we all were to act based on this sense of right and wrong, we would be following the GOD within us. Just going to the worship place or praying would not do any good.


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