My Camera Speaks!!

Its not very often that you stand face-to-face with something that takes away your breath in an instant. This photo-album contains photograph’s taken by me, on a trip to Mysore & Ooty, two exotic tourist locations in South India.
I believe that these pictures shall speak for me, and that this will serve as a better travelogue than any written compositions.

Click on the photos to view it in full size.
Flora & Fauna, Mysore Zoo & Goa – Rose Garden

  38 1243 8  44 16 15 2 14 4 13 41 1037 11

Sacred & Historic Monuments in Mysore
5 24 6 19 17 21 23 2218

Sceneries in Ooty

26 27 34 28 3235

All the photograph’s are either taken by me or taken on me. Do not copy them without consent.


  1. I love the 11th pic of you. So cute da :) :D

  2. cute pics! i rly wanna go to mysore nw

  3. Achuze...venda venda .. :P Thanks both of u...aa 11th pic dedicated to both of u :D

  4. still learning... but few of them are ok.

  5. Thank you, i've never learned it, its just a pastime :)

  6. Nice pics.. i like the white peacock at its best! Good captures.. which camera do you use?

  7. Thanks. Glad you liked it & surely go through the rest of the posts! :)

    The camera is Fujifilm Finepix S 1770.

  8. Upload more :D ithaake kurachalle ullu :O

  9. Thanks a lot all of u!!

    Visakh, upload cheyyam :P pinne aavatte ..

  10. Really nice photographs...
    Which camera were you using?

  11. Thanks Anik, i use a Fujifilm Finepix model.

  12. Thanks. Nothing compared to those in your blog though! :) thanks for dropping by & go through the other writings as well!

  13. Thanks for the comment & yeah, it looks like an Albino Peacock, well it is!

    Never knew what it meant until u asked it though, but google images show similar features! So yeah.

    Go through rest of it as well!

  14. omg... so many pics... how did u have the patience to upload so many of them... BTW, I like the clarity of the images and the neatness in which they were captured! I especially liked that pic of the white peacock!

  15. Thanks Aashish!:) Glad u liked it!

    Go through other posts as well :)

  16. I am a new guy! I like here!


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