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A Philosophy called LIFE!!

A crying baby, more like a doll comes out from a mothers womb, days and months pass by, you start crawling, standing, walking, talking, playing, you go to schools and colleges and then do a work, you get married, have kids and go to office day after day at the same time and return at the same time, you get money, you lose sweat, you make friends, you turn your back at some, you watch your kids grow, you parents grow, your friends come, go and many change, your hair changes colors, your skin loses freshness, your eye sight deteriorates, you become slow and shallow and you lose your parents, friends, mates , the faces that smiled and cried with you, the mouths that ate and talked with you, the eyes that saw you and the ears that listened to you, the legs that walked with you and the palms that you shook once, all perishes into the soil, into the mother earth, and the ones left back cry and weep, remembering them, the days, the time and tide they shared together. A Journey which started …

The Story of a Football Frenzied State!

This isn’t the first time that I am returning home from my university across the borders, but this will surely go down as the first time, the very first time that something amazes me the way it happened this time. Town to Town, Junction to Junction, there were these posters and banners, huge ones, of the soccer kings of the world. Messi was their god and Kaka the king. There were not many empty spaces left by the roadside or the hearts of the people, for the Kings and Queens of the Malayalam and Tamil film worlds. Yes, there were not many posters of upcoming Malayalam or Tamil movies but Argentine and Brazil football kings found spaces in every nuke and corner of the state. My mind questioned my memory for similar incidents in Indian Cricket, if any at all, when the stars and the team found poster spaces in tiny towns and not many trace backs were found, nothing of this magnitude for sure, except those of the life sized stars like Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni or except w…