A Tragic Comedy! Beware of Thieves!

Being collage-goers, (Okay, in case you haven’t been to collage yet, or you are too old to rewind your memories back to those collage days, step into my shoes and feel the world!!) we thrive for every extra Rupee, Dollar, Ringgit, Yuan, Euro .. (Okay…Stop it Naveen!! You’re not giving a lecture on world currencies) .. so what ever be the currency, we thrive for that extra buck, so that we could add that T-shirt we liked very much, the one we thought  better suits us than that lifeless plastic model at the mall, or we could own that book you love so much, so that we can read a live & real book and not a pirated electronic copy. You would also want to go to cinema with your friends or go for a date with your girlfriend or even have your favorite burger at the KFC.

So imagine your papa giving you, say Rs5000 since he had a good day at business. You suddenly start planning under your study lamp on how to spend it and what you want to eat and what you are going to buy and what not! The next evening after your class, you are all charged up and excited. You set off to the best mall in a crowded city bus, and soon discovers that you had been pick pocket and your purse and with it the valuable Rs 5000 is gone.

Think of those few moments, the 5000 bucks with which you had planned a lot has been lost. It had just vanished into thin air. Its if those hours of planning and happiness that passed by were all just a dream? You feel bad, as if your girlfriend had just ditched you! The first couple of seconds pass by, silently and dejected. Next you find yourself cursing, not cursing yourself as in “ I am an idiot. Should’ve cared it better…” you would rather be saying “ That idiot who took my money is not going to enjoy it...he who stole my purse should be run over by a vehicle..Idiot!!..”

Imagine how it would be like to lose Rs 50,000 or a possession of yours worth that sum. Say your laptop. For a guy like me staying abroad, and that too in the strangest of all countries, China, a laptop is like the bread ‘n butter of your life. You want to watch a movie of your choice, want to chat with your friends around the world, want to listen to the songs of your choice, want a platform to save those things or files or study tools of yours, everything points down to this laptop and how would you feel about losing it?
This isn't imagination anymore, its neither a story nor a comedy, its a tragic truth. In the recent past, my friends here have lost 8 mobile phones, 3 cycle, and 2 laptops. The phones were not those random Chinese duplicates. They were brand new I-Phones, N-series & Sony-Ericsson’s. The cycle was brand new, and it was stolen being locked at the cycle garage. Many of them had saved money for long, to buy those beautiful and aspiring models, and they ended up losing it on a fine morning.

Its a worry for every international student out here now. We do everything we are supposed to do. We lock our rooms, but how about they open the rooms at night and take it from your side when you are fast asleep? Can you cuddle with your laptop,hiding it by your chest while at sleep? Can you put your mobiles in your pockets while sleeping?? It would have been okay if the laptop had fallen from your hands and damaged, or you left it unattended at the class room and lost it, you can curse yourself for your ill-care, but what did they do wrong, to see their laptop stolen one fine morning??

The worst part is that in the surveillance camera, we found a lady coming up at an odd hour and going back with a laptop, and gave this video to the police, and all they said was that they had never seen this lady, and that they didn't identify her. Is this any kind of explanation? Or is it because being foreigners, they don’t mind if we lose things? Letters and complaints have been sent on a daily basis to the University, Police and even the Embassies, but the guys who lost the laptop are left alone, with like a part of their body cut off. How would you summarize these loses? Their bad lucks? Their ill-fates?? Their bad times??? Or would you rather say that the guy stole it had a good time and he was lucky and it was his fate to get a laptop for free, or that he rightly deserves the money he got after selling it??

I know these words of frustration aren’t going to bring back their lost laptops and mobiles. I am just trying to make some people if not everyone aware of this dangerous epidemic. Keep your things safe and don’t indulge in any of this. Stealing is one of the worst habits, even if it is a cookie from a shop. Everyone should try spreading this word, atleast to a person if not everyone, so that you can sleep peacefully ensured that your mobiles and laptops and vehicles are yours even tomorrow.


  1. Exactly! Stealing is the worst habit. Recently, i saw a mother and a daughter ( aged mid thirties and girl might be around 15) . They came into one of d shopping centres and grabbed a few packet of soaps and other stuff. I noticed it and informed to d security guard. . They stopped this girl and her mother. Later it was known that the two of them have done the same in many other shops. The shop owner was very happy with me and thanked me. I felt good that i have done a bit from my side. . So, one should never have this habit nor should encourage others in doin so. . Nice writting . :-)

  2. Thanks dude, keep up your good work!

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  4. Interesting! :)
    The opening para I enjoyed the most. U write wonderful.
    Stealing is really a very bad habit. Hope ur humorous post can change some thieves into good human beings!

  5. Thanks for commenting! Glad you liked it :) keep coming back later! :)

  6. nice post..but seriously wen u loose somthing u wanted its too bad...so i guess the only thing i hate about being obbed is that i mis the thing i lost alot... :)

    do visit my post and do promote it if you like it.. :)

  7. Thanks for the comment Namit, and the thing that you told is exactly true. We do miss anything that was taken away from us, not just materials, but our beloved ones too.

    Go through other posts as well, going through yours too.


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