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A Coffee in the Park!!

“Varsha, I’ll get you a coffee, stay here only, okay?” said Karthik.She nodded saying “Ok, be back fast”.She walked a bit and sat down in one of the benches in the garden. It was quite late in the night and there were not many people in her vicinity in a star-less night with the clouds covering the moon and the only source of vision were those lightings on both sides of the paths in the park and they were small enough to hide the tears in her eyes. Her last four years flashed through her mind and she closed her eyes to let her mind talk with the breeze. (Thoughts)Varsha and Ananya lived in a rented house, in the a floor above the owners, another malayali family permanently settled here in Bangalore. Varsha worked as a clerical staff in the most glamorous and loved youth magazine of the town but those words failed to find a meaning in her life. For Varsha and her 3 year old kid Ananya or Anu, this house was their heaven and hell and all. It had a common room, a kitchen and a bedroom wi…

A Journey to the Unknown Spaces..An Explanation!

A Journey to the Unknown Spaces!

Reviving memories, i don’t know how this title happened to my blog. It was not one, i had put up after spending hours thinking and imagining. My finger’s had just passed over a few alphabets and they formed words and those words were stitched together and at the end of a few seconds, the thing in the blog title space read “A Journey to the Unknown Spaces”. Back then i had never read more than a couple of blogs and i never knew anything about the blogs and the widgets i could put in and the financial prospects of it.

Frankly at the moment of creation, i never considered it as anything more than a personal diary, or if not so personal- nothing more than a diary, where i could periodically put in my happenings and views and ideas and thoughts and almost anything and everything. And that has been happening too, I’ve posted my random thoughts on a variety of subjects, my way of seeing and understanding certain things, but then i heard that the title of my blo…

A Tragic Comedy! Beware of Thieves!

Being collage-goers, (Okay, in case you haven’t been to collage yet, or you are too old to rewind your memories back to those collage days, step into my shoes and feel the world!!) we thrive for every extra Rupee, Dollar, Ringgit, Yuan, Euro .. (Okay…Stop it Naveen!! You’re not giving a lecture on world currencies) .. so what ever be the currency, we thrive for that extra buck, so that we could add that T-shirt we liked very much, the one we thought  better suits us than that lifeless plastic model at the mall, or we could own that book you love so much, so that we can read a live & real book and not a pirated electronic copy. You would also want to go to cinema with your friends or go for a date with your girlfriend or even have your favorite burger at the KFC.

So imagine your papa giving you, say Rs5000 since he had a good day at business. You suddenly start planning under your study lamp on how to spend it and what you want to eat and what you are going to buy and what not! The …