When i learnt what “AWESOME” really means!!


IMG_4509At last i feel like I am doing some justice to the name of this blog. Yes! A Journey to the Unknown Spaces. I am attempting to write an account on a travelling experience. Don’t get me wrong by these big words like travelling experience and all, i am just going to talk about how it felt to go out and explore some new things on a relatively not-so-cold evening.There were hardly any clouds in the sky and as it neared the evening, the winds became light and all in all gave way to the most pleasant conditions to have an evening walk.

The campus have finally got back its life. The silent roads inside the campus a couple of days ago have suddenly disappeared and now there were these clattering sounds of suitcases rolling through the tarred roads, and the tak-tak sound of ball hitting the ground and baskets from the basketball court. All those Chinese who had gone home for vacations were back and they all seemed to have a fresh kind of energy. We were happy too, not because these guys are finally back, but for the warmth in the air.

IMG_4579Me and my friends started walking to the direction we have travelled the least and walked through those roads we have never been to. The air became more fresher and the roads emptier. The tall buildings started disappearing and there no longer were taxis in the road that could take us back to our university in case we were lost. The side of the road was unpaved, reminding us of most of the roads in Kerala. It was an area slightly in a higher altitude and we were like walking up and it was getting a bit more colder (thank god, there were no winds). There was a board intended for tourists and it had a description about the whole place in English with a detailed map too. We were walking through the road that goes to the top of (a tourist spot) Purple Mountain. It was quite far away and there was the this Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in the left side. So we deviated from the course and went into the mausoleum. There was a ticket counter in the front but none was there, and they would probably have said that visiting time is over, but luckily there were none and the way-in was open too. It was a double bonus because the place was so silent and lovely in the night and we didn't have to pay the entrance fee.  You almost wonder how you could find some silent places like this just kilometers away from the heart of one of the most biggest cities in China. We walked around and was impressed by the scenic beauty rather than the historic importance, which were discussed many a times on our Chinese Culture classes.

If i were to describe the place in a single sentence i would say, “Its like the perfect place for you to take your love on a surprise date.” The place was totally silent, not that no body was there, but everyone enjoyed this silence. It was getting darker and the view of clear sky with the moon and the stars made it even more beautiful (it really looked like a planetarium). Each and everything i saw there made me regret for not carrying my camera. You had the moon secretly gazing at you between those leafless-trees. You had the reflection of those trees ,the moon and stars on a still man-made lake, which reminded me of the song “mele velli thinkal, thaazhe nilaa kaayal”. You could hear the sound of water falling over man made falls and then see the perfect view of lighted skyline at a distance. These are some of the rare incidents when you unknowingly chants “ awesome, awesome, awesome”.  After enjoying all these picturesque views, i want to continue my journey to find more of these unknown spaces…


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  2. Awesome and it's various connotations :)

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