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I’ve always heard, seen and enjoyed works of students, those who had became creative during their most boring lectures, be it in the form of poems, articles, cartoons or caricatures. So i too, hoping to make a good article, took the pen in one of the most boring subjects ever. 

Its been more than an hour (its 5.05 PM now) since i had entered the hall and the interval was already over. All i had created were numerous “writes & cuts” in my book. Seemed like the “Writing During Boring Lectures -Theory” was not working for me. Those who had written, drawn or penned down poems could have had the advantage of a silent atmosphere, thanks to their sleeping friends, opposed to the noisy one here and let alone an article, i couldn't even find a suitable/interesting topic to think about. Now i understand why always teachers ask us to be silent in a class, so that we don't disturb those guys right at the back benches, escaping to their own world of wildness and fantasy.

But a look around at all those interesting characters in the classroom made me regret, not for entering this noisy class, but for not noticing the randomness of those people, and those random things they were doing. I’ve always heard that cinema fraternities should make more films on reality issues rather than regular melodramas and un-human action stunts and romancing around the trees. So i stopped thinking on what fantasy i should write about and started writing on those things i saw in my right, left , front and back.

So this is my Heat Transfer lecture (not that the subject is of any significance to this article ). I doubt that the 32 students (including me!) in the class could be those jobless ones who had nothing else to do. The topper in our class was seated in the front on the right side . He was like an island, all the seats around him were totally empty. There were 2 more guys in the 1st two rows, and they looked like listening to Sir, well.. let alone god know the truth..!! Then there were groups of students here and there, discussing and murmuring as if preparing for a group task. Discussing in lame voices, but as drops n drops of water collected together forms an ocean, these murmurs created a buzz all around, as if the humming of an approaching bunch of bees.

There are people reading books, those with headphones & iPod's, discussing the Oscars and the upcoming cricket tourney, discussing about how they felt like..when they killed that rat inside the test chamber at “environment control labs”. There were guys eating buns and biscuits and drinking flavored milks or juices. Thank god!! At least no one is smoking inside the hall. And then there is a lecturer at the front, negligent of the happenings in the class, was so busy with his lectures, as if delivering a lecture on the most interesting topic to the most interested & active students ever. The only positive is that, the freedom and an assurance of No-Attendance ensured no one was sleeping in the hall. If an education Inspector was on rounds, through the Verandahs, he might mistake this buzzing sound as those made by an active classroom, responding to the teachers questions, and could be really impressed, provided the doors stays shut and he stays outside!


  1. Gud 1 Navimonz... :)nd am the first person to comment on this post...shooo... :P

  2. hey, nice post naveen!keep writing well!I have done a follow on your blog

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  3. reading books, those with headphones & iPod's, ....... ha ha the total works.

  4. new to yur blog..neways good one..m gna follow it

  5. glad u r here!! keep these comments coming :)

  6. mashe, enthenkilum oru thuulika namam kude sweekarichukude...pottakadu, ullur enningane...

    I will suggest K.R.Keman
    xcellent...keep going...al the best

  7. vinuetto .. mathi mathi....ingane enganelum jeevichu pokatte...

  8. ah.. your post takes me back to my good old college days... In our case the strength was a little less of 27 on rolls, but less than 50% inside the class rooms :)

  9. Awesome crap man! haha! Dont get me wrong here, but seriously nice!! :D


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