Twitter: A Bridge to the fantasy


Social sites like Twitter, Orkut, Facebook not only helps you find your old mates and be in touch with those far away friends of yours, but also gives you amble opportunities to meet up with new people, whom you could never have met, but for this wonderful invention called “Internet”.

I logged into Twitter as always and saw a new dude in my followers list. This guy was so busy following the Johar’s  Khan’s & the Kapoor’s of Indian Cinema and almost ignored my tweet. This reminded me of my own Twitter-time.

Shashi Tharoor and his saga with the twitter have been in news’s for some time now and that provoked me to enter the Twitter-land myself. So a couple of weeks back may be??.... Or even closer?? Ok, some time back I signed into Twitter. The familiar method to find people in all the social websites made things easier for me and I found Mr. Tharoor’s profile in no time. The better thing about twitter was that, if I was attempting to find him in Orkut or Facebook, the other famous social sites known to Indians, I would have encountered millions of his fan groups and communities and fake profiles before the original one. But Twitter has Verified accounts of these public figures making it easier for us to find them.

So I wrote something in his space and went through his world famous tweets. And in the right side I saw a bunch of recognizable images. Those were the guys Mr. Tharoor was following. There were quite some like Karan Johar, Lalit Modi and so on. So I clicked on Karan’s picture and went through to his profile and was overwhelmed to see the whole of Bollywood in his following list. So I opened each and everyone’s profile and followed everyone and spent hours reading their tweets. Even I made tweets to each and every one of them, claiming to be their biggest fan and dying to personally handshake with them and so on. I even posted my blog links on Karan’s space hoping he will like it and even ask me “Naveen, can you script my next movie, please?” (Hahaha!). It was so overwhelming and I felt in the same league as those guys were, hearing them speak seeing them talk to their co-workers.

I was so excited coming back to Twitter a couple of hours later, imagining how Shahrukh would have thanked me for my compliments on My Name is Khan and how Karan would have reacted after reading my blog. but …

But you understand that ironically, even though they  are at your mouse clicks, they are as far away from you as they ever could be. The world of fantasy can never be reciprocated in the reality and it will be tough for those of you, who takes these stars too seriously at heart and when you feel your mad love and admiration for these stars have gone un-noticed.

So today when I found my new follower running behind the Khan’s n Johar’s n Kapoor’s, I tweeted on his profile “ aliyaa, avaru thirichu ninaku reply cheyyaan ponilla..!!” (dude, they are not going to reply to all these tweets ).

Twitter might seem like a bridge, that connects the common man like me and him and you, to those big celebrities. A bridge that has no end. Inspired by the sight of a stranger, who have been following Shreya Ghoshal for a long time now with all the sincerity, but only to see him/her left alone in the middle of a never ending bridge.


  1. that was a cool enlightment.....
    keep writing

  2. hey..!! good one..really nice.

  3. hahaha kollam kollam :)
    veruthey ne poyi karantem srkdem twitteril poyi tweeti kashtam =P keep it up :D

  4. very true macha.... :) Keep up the blogs man, they are truly engrossing... Happy Vishu in Advance..!!

  5. Happy Vishu from Vishnu, wat else can i ask 4!!..hehe..thanks da...n thanks 2 all...n happy vishu in advance too..nd b'day is coming up before that, so make sure u wish me 4 that too, on 22nd..

  6. @ navi.. very true... nyan ithu parayan irikuvarunu :) they wnt reply :(

  7. well said. being a journo who has interacted with the stars for interviews and quotes, i can say that their world is a world apart from others. but there is some fun in posting a comment in their blogs. knowing fully well it will be unanswered. for that we have hoi polloi like u and me who can fall back on each other.

  8. → • » Ðσм « • ←March 13, 2010 at 1:49 PM

    I even posted my blog links on Karan’s space hoping he will like it and even ask me “Naveen, can you script my next movie, please?”

    i wouldquit watching karan johar movies then :D =))

  9. "Shashi Tharoor and his saga with the twitter have been in news’s for some time now and that provoked me to enter the Twitter-land myself"

    It was Tharoor only, who provoked me and several others to join twitter.Just as u said, I ve tweeted many celebrities when I was fresh on twitter.Ones I checked twitter to know if AR Rahman has responded to my birthday wish for him.To be honest I have got response for tweet questions from MallikaLA,Rimakallingal and Archana Kavi :D

  10. thanks buddy 4 coming down here n commenting! :) n yeah, i've found a couple of responding celebs too:P

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  12. Yes, this is quite true. But some celebs do respond to tweets.

    When I was new to twitter I wanted to tweet to each of them, but I knew I would have to be very lucky to get a reply. Because they get so many responses to their tweets and it would be difficult for then to reply to all of them.

    And yes, the same thing happened to me. First I searched for Sashi Tharoor, then found some more celebs in his profile and so on.

  13. Thanks RQ & Anikthink...

    Yeah, some of the celebrities do tend to reply! Thanks 4 dropping by and commenting!..

  14. hell yeah..keep writing luttuz..! ;)

  15. Niranjan IyengarJune 13, 2010 at 9:02 PM

    I know you posted this very long back but I did not read it until today. While I agree that a lot of celebrities don't respond to tweets from their fans I differ with you when you say they never do... I'm surrounded by the `Johars', `Kapoors' and the `Khans' that you speak of and often I have seen them read out `interesting' tweets sent to them by their fans AND detractors, which they respond to... The operative word being `interesting'... Just a tweet claiming to be a fan and liking their work cannot elicit beyond a `thank you' from them... An interesting insight or a cheeky comment (without being offensive) might do the trick! Try it!

  16. Thanks for commenting Niranjan :)Yeah, i now know what you said is correct, after getting to know Twitter more closely and the celebrities, and the article is from those fresh days in twitter!


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