The Citizen Journalists.


Amitabh Bachhan , the Big B of Indian cinema spoke on the CNN-IBN’s Citizen Awards function and he stressed up on the need of citizen journalists. “To be a citizen journalist is to be the spirit, letter and action of a citizen in a democracy” , said the legendary actor. He even made the later part of his speech a bit funny and really interesting by respectfully imitating the speech given by Mark Antony in the Sheakspeare’s epic Julius Ceasar, “friends , indians , countrymen and women a good evening to all of you".

Later i really liked this idea of citizen journalist, because i really feel that each and everyone should contribute in a way or other. Every one has a story to write or a song to sing or an image to draw of the things that comes to his mind, because each and everyone is Unique in his/her own ways and the thing that came to your mind may be the idea that leads to the biggest innovation that could change the kind of life we have in this place or it could also be just another piece of stupidity.  If not today, some day your work and story could be appreciated, may be by just a person, or a bunch of individuals, or who knows man!! your piece of writing could well turn out to be the only piece of evidence, showing that this kind of a human race used to exist in this world. I am not talking of today, am talking of the thing that could happen, may be hundreds or thousands of years later. May be silly things scribbled by a useless bunch of jokers could be the rare things we find out today and speak highly as the Indus Valley Civilization, the Harappa’s & the Mohen Je Daro’s. Everyone has a story of his own which is totally his own and no one knows that better than ourselves. So it is our duty to project our angle of life or our story and it is each and every one else’s right to know the same. Amithabh had earlier said, “one citizen’s duty is another’s right; another citizen’s right is the other’s duty”.

Today a day of your friend’s or families or love’s wont be complete without you. Tomorrow when we all would have long perished, the story of human beings wouldn’t be complete without your testimony. I know its totally impossible for everyone to write books and we all very well know, no body is going to read all these books. So why don’t we just log in to and make a blog for ourselves, be a part of millions of other bloggers out in the world and be a proud “Citizen Journalist"


  1. citizen journalist....then im also one among them

  2. an addendum to wot amitabji said...

    gud we have lods of platforms to express do it....

    but oru chinna doubt....r u gettiin some commission from blogger..hahaha [:D]

    ashane...i likd this
    "So it is our duty to project our angle of life or our story and it is each and every one else’s right to know the same"

  3. haha :P

    that line was just a simpler interpretation of what Amit ji said and the idea is his. And if you guys wanna follow Amitabh Bachhan's blog, its really nice n inspiring.

    here you go -

  4. guruu nalla idea enkil njnjum oru blog oke thudangenam alle :p ninte english vechu nokiyal ente blog oke nanam kettu pokum lolz :D nice post anywy :D keep em coming :)

  5. The work that these CJs are doing is actually the work of Govt and Govt only but unfortunately people have to come up... I am a big fan of new Innovations of CNNIBN and I dont miss any of it.. even to such extent that sometime I overflow with tears in my eyes.. and for your blog, after quite long I have seen some one really writing responsible aNd meaningful blogs...Keep blogging man!!



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