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The Citizen Journalists.

Amitabh Bachhan , the Big B of Indian cinema spoke on the CNN-IBN’s Citizen Awards function and he stressed up on the need of citizen journalists. “To be a citizen journalist is to be the spirit, letter and action of a citizen in a democracy” , said the legendary actor. He even made the later part of his speech a bit funny and really interesting by respectfully imitating the speech given by Mark Antony in the Sheakspeare’s epic Julius Ceasar, “friends , indians , countrymen and women a good evening to all of you". Later i really liked this idea of citizen journalist, because i really feel that each and everyone should contribute in a way or other. Every one has a story to write or a song to sing or an image to draw of the things that comes to his mind, because each and everyone is Unique in his/her own ways and the thing that came to your mind may be the idea that leads to the biggest innovation that could change the kind of life we have in this place or it could also be just ano…

An Outsider.

Its 8.05 PM. Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year and the intensity of celebrations can be seen and heard everywhere. It’s quite chilling out here and the snow that had fallen on 10th haven’t totally melted down yet. The street is completely empty and it was much close to this "pin drop silence" , but for the amazing aura of light and thunderous sounds created by the firecrackers, somewhere far away.Walking through these empty streets, I was grasping all the strange thoughts in my mind. For the last couple of days, the last phase of winter was really picking up and, adding to the woes all the shops were closed around our campus. The burger shops and the small hotels in back street have all been closed, because of the New Year. We had to almost take a complete “Pradikshina” of the campus in those chilling conditions if we had to find some food in the night. Today the traffic is much light and there are no pedestrians at all. Even though there were not many vehicles on the road, t…