Today is 16th of Jan 2010. My 5th semester have finished today. Well, not the perfect of the ends one can wish for, considering the fact that, am surely gonna fail the last 3 exams. This semester was really fast, as if powered by a RAMJET (sorry lads, just to show off that am here 2 study and not on a tour :P). Well, not just this semester, the life here in China has been really fast. And after each an every semesters, we used to think the same, the last sem was the fastest. And now i dare to say that, "The last one was really the fastest :P".

OK, setting the time machine back to 15th of Oct 2007. I think Neil Amstrong, wouldn't have felt this strange when he stepped onto moon for the 1st time. Ethnically, the Chinese are so different from Indians, that you feel you have traveled to farthest country in the globe. And when you hear them speak or read their boards at the airport, you know why your "bemused" friends back home asked , " Y China?!!" .

So we knew that Nanjing was like 300 Kilometers away from Shanghai and we were travelling by a bus, the university had sent for us. So on the way, we stopped some where for out dinner and it was so fabulous that, we were almost asking the driver to take us back to the airport, so that we could catch the same flight back home.

But all-in-all, the life in China has been worth all these. Enjoying a life ain't a new thing, but enjoying a life with this kind of freedom is not something that every guy gets in life and i think i am really fortunate.


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