"22" . A date that's worth getting Excited!!


If you ask me, which is the most happening or eventful day of a month, i might point to 22nd. Not just because 22 is my date of birth, but every time the calender passes through this date, knowingly or unknowingly something out of the box happens. Taking an example, on 22nd Dec 2008, i was awarded the scholarship, and on 22nd Dec 2009, the declarations about the scholarships for 3rd year came. My friend from Sainik called me 2 days back and told he could be visiting a city near to my place and possibly, we could meet, and i asked him when is he coming? and he said on 22nd Jan 2010. And i asked my teacher when is the university re-opening after the Spring break? and she told on 22nd Feb 2010. Looking back to my school life, on 22nd Mar 2007, i wrote the worst exam at the boards ( Maths) and that was apparently also our last day in the school. Being a brahmin, the 1st time i had non veg food was also on the same day!

Usually, i am not that kind of a guy who expects things to happen according to fate or what ever. But with these small and big things that have contributed, 22nd of any month is a date worth waiting, to bring with it something special.


  1. ohhhoo....22!!! hmm!!!!!

    waiting for more...:)

  2. wwwooowww navii ur english is soo good :)
    prowd of u guru hehe
    keep it up waiting for more ketoo :D


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